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Wood Works

Custom-made Conference Table, Custom-made Decorative Table

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between custom and pre-made cabinets?

Custom made cabinets allow you to build the cabinets to fit the required opening without fillers being added to the cabinets creating a more uniform finished appearance.

Can you design a piece of furniture to fit a certain space in my house?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of having custom cabinets made.

What are the different types of woods that are best for kitchen cabinets?

The type of wood to be used in kitchen cabinets is dependent on whether the cabinets are painted or stained. If the cabinets are painted then Poplar, a stable hardwood, should be used because it will finish well. If the cabinets are to be stained then Maple is a good choice of stable hardwood that can be stained light or dark. If a natural finish is desired then Cherry, Ipe or Jatoba could be considered with a natural finish. In the case of a wooden countertop that will used as a cutting board, eucalyptus should be considered because it is incredibly hard.

Can you copy a picture of a cabinet or piece of furniture that I saw in a magazine?

Yes, we have built custom pieces from a photo in a magazine successfully many times.

Is there any type of warranty on custom cabinets?

If an issue arises with a cabinet or piece of furniture we will be there to repair it. I can not think of a time in the past fifteen years when that situation occurred.

How do you figure the cost on custom work?

It is a time, material, finishing, delivery and installation formula.

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